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This week, my rainbow Cape Town has been in the pink.

So much happening, such busy times!
This week has been explosive with all things new and exciting.
New work, new family, which comes with a new home.
New holes in the garden, new leaves on the trees,
New Women’s day Walk,
and so the week has unfolded.P1030987

So much newness, it has been difficult to absorb it all.

We have had wild winter storms
but today we sit in glorious sunshine.
Is this a little hint of spring?
A new season, in every sense of the word.

Birthday Tea on Tuesday morning was an extraordinary event.
Driving 30 Kms from Cape Town in torrential rain,
we wound up in an industrial area surrounded by vast warehouses.
Under cover of umbrellas we dashed into one of the huge spaces,
unsure of what was in store but with every intention
of celebrating the big Birthday of an amazing woman.P1030881

‘Boeresjiek’ startled us all.
The perfect venue to party with Jacqui, the most gentle
and feminine woman I have ever met.P1030887 P1030889
The table was dressed to compliment all of those qualities.
Girltime taken to a new level!

And so it was that the week was crowded to capacity
with memorable events and moments, and life events,
Highlighter pen times, so many as to bore any readers…
I won’t do that, but I will thank the universe
for delivering spring abundance in the form of
all the pieces of the week fitting together smoothly.
Thank you for that!

The Women’s Humanity Walk was the last piece of puzzle
that needed to fit in without hiccup, and so it did.
This was the brainchild of Nancy,
the founder of Woman Zone Cape Town.P1040033 P1040085

Without doubt one of the most joyous events in a while for Cape Town,
the mother city came to that party in a way that should
make us all so proud to be a part of the beautiful complexity
and diversity that is ours to celebrate.P1040120

It was a walk to rival the best,
beginning at St. George’s Cathedral
and finishing at Artscape theatre.
The happiness was palpable. P1040070P1040113
So many women from all walks of life,
all corners of the broader Cape Town area,
all colours, religions, nationalities, young and old
they were there, walking and talking and moving as one,
escorted by Police cars and motorbikes,
marshals and onlookers.P1040092

Under perfect African skies
and wonderful just-right temperatures.
The singing and dancing on the steps of the theatre
were there to greet us as we all arrived,
with a Marimba band, compare and many more smiling
men women and children.P1040223

And oranges, for everyone to eat.P1040212

The Arch(as he is lovingly referred to) was there.
Desmond Tutu spoke with humour and humility
on this wonderful Women’s day.

He spoke about the women in his world, starting off by
explaining that he was wearing his dress for the occasion!P1040274
It fitted him just perfectly.

Thank goodness we still have leaders with energy and integrity.
And thank goodness for Women.P1040289
A belated Happy Women’s day to all.