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Unknown He made us cry.
He made us laugh.
And he made us cry with laughter.
He was Robin Williams.
I am sad that he has gone.zzzzzzzzzz

This morning got me onto thinking about why we need funny in our lives…
Why I have a sense of huge gratitude, but see the bitter irony
of a profoundly funny person who suffers the deepest darkness of all.
Depression and sadness, humour and mirth,
“Dead Poet’s Society” and “Mrs. Doubtfire”.images
Polar opposites.

Why do we need funny?
I think it’s the extra oxygen that brings a spark of life to
every living cell in our bodies.
Hackneyed as it is, Laughter is ‘the best medicine’Robin_Williams_Wallpaper-

Even the word ‘laughter’ shimmers when I read it, it promises respite
from all that is ‘regular’ and all that is sad in this time on earth.

Thank goodness for funny,
Thank goodness for the sharp intellects but often profound depressions
that seem to go hand in glove with the people who sparkle up our lives,
make our sides ache with such over-filled lungs as to burst,
leave us crying with laughter
and then leave us.P1040326

Rest in peace Robin Williams,
I suspect St.Peter might request a ‘selfie’ with you.