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IMG_1867A once in a lifetime recipe.

Amor and more.

Take one feisty organised fabulous Argentinian womanP1030938


and one funny gentle flexible South African man IMG_1868


and a friendship formed in dubai IMG_1893386663_10151029066645725_702980724_22173530_577693954_n-1 add family and friends from all corners of the earth

and 10 days of festivities
in the most exciting eclectic passionate visually diverse
meat eating soccer playing location




then drop one word



Pow! Dubai_  2


I am pretty close to speechless
(clearly not quite!)IMG_2002

sleepless in B.A.
sleep was not part of the recipe

but fun times wereP1050097
with over 50 guests
from South Africa
and others from America Europe and the Middle EastP1050031IMG_1938 the party lasted for 10 days

P1050041 We mobbed the city by day

we walked
took a bus
took a taxiP1040926


and by night walked and talked
wined and dinedP1050099IMG_2085 taxied and bussed some more

stopped and stayed for hours in one place
with lots of other revellers
we got to know our wonderful new family
and their all embracing friends
and they got to understand a bit about usIMG_1993 all this and more

culminating in a wedding beyond magnificent
perfectly organised to the final detailIMG_2107
with the first dance a fusion
of tango and African gumboot dance
(thank you Johnny Clegg for ‘Impi’)IMG_2070 way beyond magnificent

a never to be forgotten eventP1050224
thank you Sofi and James
Dadour and Lili
Clari Lucas
and Edu
P1040914 P1040916
with smiles
and gentle and generous ways
and zero evidence of any stress at all
you made magic and miracles happen
in magnificent Buenos Aires.