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P1050081Where was I?

I made a promise to myself….

It feels like yesterday that I posted my last blog
and my intention to reach 100 by the end of this year
is looking dubious to say the least.

On the flip side, It has been an explosive year
of change, travel, weddings, new wonders
and new families enriching all of our lives.P1020928
A time of teaching drawing… and learning,10577028_10152625549765429_2186437103023546215_n
dovetailing various diverse work types
and challenging new and exciting adventures
in a very hectic medical practice,
as a general ‘pair of hands’.

Busy times both family and solo,
starting a new stock range,P1040347 P1050827
making jewellery, taking photographs,P1040586P1050866
planting miniature gardens…P1050818
doing flowers for events and blackboards for weddings.IMG_2287P1050838 IMG_2281 IMG_2351
Loads of creative energy and loads of epic family gatherings.

We welcome a wonderful new daughter/sister/friend
into our African lives full of surprises,
hopefully nothing too challenging.
Although, Sofia is brave and tenacious
but mostly very brave.P1030943

Also we have welcomed new wives, husbands and babies into extended families.P1020914

Our mother has been weaving wedlock and babies in heaven this year,
4 of her grandchildren married in 2014…
I think she just loves dancing up there!P1050329

Bonus… I can run again.
I love to run… I love the freedom of open spaces
in our beautiful city of Cape Town,
the wind in my face and the unconstrained liberty
that comes with this most freeing of pastimes.P1050537P1050562

It energises and feeds my soul.

I am happy to not meet my deadline of 100,
I am delighted to welcome new members into the family,
I am beyond grateful to have found new ways
to channel my creative energy,
and pleased to have that form of energy
back in my personal stable.

But more than anything,
words sometimes do not suffice
when it comes to gratitude. P1050710

3 years ago I pushed myself to the limit
and paid the ultimate price.
Matter over mind.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
and could not walk,draw, write, drive, concentrate
or use the dominant side of my body at all.
6 weeks of lying flat, 2 years of slow improvement.

Scary times indeed.
Lonely too.
Such a huge learning curve
with regard to the fragile makeup
of our mind and body relationship.

So, never mind that 100 blogs might not happen,
only joy as to what does result from a given day.P1050629

I am so grateful to have
my mobility again,
for my wonderful and supportive friends and family.
Our ever growing family… we are blessed all round.
I am so grateful to have
my creative energy restored once more.
So forget deadlines, forget 100 blogs,
I will never take anything for granted again.

This is one thing I promise.