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It is the middle of March…
Where did I put January and February?

Ive looked for them but there is little evidence to be found,
so I suspect my alter ego swept them under the carpet with her broom
before escaping for a breather on it,
husky dog perched and ready to choose the flight path.IMG_5840

The past few months have been extraordinary.
Loads of varied work.
I have placed more flowers in vases in the past 3 months
than I have had cappuccino’s in my lifetime (almost!)IMG_2990
Weddings, Birthdays, exotic locations and even more exotic stems.

It has been wonderful and crazy happy work.P1060799IMG_2280


At the same time I have been working on my own range of
“Bottled in the Cape” which has been selling well.P1070195 P1070175
This started slowly and is growing happily.
Jewelry in tiny bottles…
Bottled submersible lights as vases,

inspired by our power outages.

Solar jars with interest and all things(inedible)
that can be bottled and packaged under my label
have been up for consideration.
(just not the Husky pup, or the broom!)

It is always fun making a mini shop for a day on market day,
especially when it is so close to my favourite garden
in the world, better still when our wonderful Sofia is there too!


Work has dominated the past 2 months but recently
the word most commonly spoken has been the F word…Fire.P1060905 P1060933

We have had 4 massive fires in the Southern Cape
that have created havoc and devastation.
The airways have been choked with both smoke and helicopters…
(no room up there for broomsticks)


We are blessed in this province to have the most dedicated team
of firemen and women, and many volunteers who have worked tirelessly
for 10 days in the most extreme conditions, to bring each separate
disaster under control.


The communities also came up trumps, with donations of
food and drinks and medical supplies for people and animals too.
There was also a substantial amount of money raised through
local media to start a fund for necessary equipment for the
ongoing problem of fires in this region at all times.

Proudly Capetonian.
On a sadder note there was loss of life and property,
I am so sorry.
The surrounding areas look devastating
but we will recover,
as hopefully will our beautiful fynbos.

Meanwhile with my broom hung up for a while,
Skyla gets to join in in other essential family events.