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P10803106 Weeks of Paradise.

All my life, since I was a teenager and watched a reel to reel documentary
on New Zealand, I have wanted to visit this far away country.
Lucky me!


I have just spent a full 6 weeks exploring this relatively young and incredibly beautiful country in the most remarkable way,
with a loved one who has lived and worked there for 33 years and understands and connects to every aspect of this complex and most wonderful place on this, our planet.P1070609

It will not be possible to share all of the experiences of this adventure in one blog page but I would like to give an essence of the time spent in the North Island because it was extraordinary.P1070933
Visually, there is no comparison in my experience, this is a country filled with “Pinch me” reactions, around every bend in the road is another crazy response,
until one starts to sound like a stuck record, but you don’t even hear you own repetitive reactions, so overwhelming are the views.P1070725

With regard to the community, I have never known such hospitality, so much kindness and so much sharing.
So much peacefulness, mindfulness
and so much freedom.

Harmony at it’s best. And humour… unmatched…P1080406

People work hard, there is no litter, everyone recycles their used goods,
and water is the favourite beverage…
(Below coffee I must admit, they makes the best flat white’s I have ever tasted!)

I not once saw or heard a fizzy drink being ordered. But I did see the birdbath freeze over!P1080579

4 seasons in a day, rainbows stretching across the horizon,





magnificent skies…P1080436

I would love to take a year out to explore this extraordinary and unique country.


With museums, galleries, exhibitions, libraries, botanical gardens,
ferries,ferneries,islands,history and endless beautiful beaches and azure blue seas,
bays with indigenous trees rolling into the oceans.

Fat delicious wood pigeons, and tiny owls called more porks!

Volcanic mountains and islands, geysers and hot springs, all beckoning and enticingly spectacular,
I had to tear myself away.


Back home, to life on another continent.
How my vision has changed, my world just got bigger a new vision and a different understanding of mindful trust,
from a community that is exercising that right to life on this earth,
in a most conscientious and thoughtful way.P1080949
Amidst green, grey and very blue.
With a frequent rainbow thrown in for pure joy!

Thank you New Zealand, What a wonderland you have displayed for me.
Like that little coquettish Fantail, you have pulled me into your world,

Life will always be a bit different for me now.