My name is Annie or Anne, I respond to both (although I tend to feel as if I have done something bad if called by the latter)

I trained as a visual artist, and have worked as such most of my life.No single discipline controls my attention,I am an observer, photographer, artist and creator of all sorts of obscure and funny things.

I love the world we live in, although more and more I dislike the flippancy and disregard of mankind towards all things earthly…I would love to bow out one day thinking that the future generations understand about precious  resources and have learned how to minimize the negative effects of life on Planet earth.

It is an extraordinary place and I hope my blog can show some of the wonders, through the eyes of an artist who currently cant paint or draw but can still see.

The privilege of ‘seeing’ opens up a new and wonderful realm, I just need to ‘learn’ the art of the blog….a whole new journey is beginning!

Crafted with love


1 thought on “About”

  1. Yolanta Suart said:

    I love your blog Annie – some how only came across it now and now I love reading your stories. And I am ‘Anspired’ – thank you Annie. Lots of Love xxx

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