In full bloom.

The past few weeks have seen all forms of love in floral form being dispatched from my studio.
Frienship, difficult times, celebrations, weddings and remembering loved ones. Nothing says it quite as perfectly as flowers in one or another form, from bouquets to vases, hair combs to tied bunches, they all bring about the same feelings of love and caring.

I love my job!

Sparkling Spring.

Our magnificent Botanical gardens in Kirstenbosch
are sparkling after some much needed spring rains.

Royal crowns glistening with diamonds everywhere!


P1100251P1100208All the flowers, trees and shrubs are celebrating and unfurling.


What is the collective noun for Crane flowers?
A parliament of Crane flowers? (Strelitzia)
The collective noun for Arum lilies…
A choir?


So much life giving rain to be grateful for, the plants were loving the day.
As much as I was.

Just love this space, and its spring jewels.

Rocking with Daisies and Rosé…

P1090820 Fortune smiled on me this week
and like the luckiest fish,
I was swooped up by some friends
on a surprise mini-break in celebration of 6 decades.

As we packed ourselves into one vehicle,
all of life’s issues slipped away from view
and we quietly retreated out of the shadow of Table Mountain
headed for Rawsonville, a little known
well hidden gem of a town Nestling in the Breedekloof.


The trip was as quick as the wit that filled the car,
with laughter and wickedness as only a group of free range
women can bring to an occasion.

We started our adventure with a visit to the
Karroo Desert NBG in Worcester, a secret treasure
of land and a must do for all heading out that way,
especially in the spring.


First priority was Tea and then, like the Paparazzi,
the secret cache of cameras were whipped out of hiding.
Heavenly times, beautiful indigenous spring flowers,
giant insects sculpted for the environment,
rocks, trees, succulents and Aloes
and when the sun broke through the clouds… daisies
as only that region can magical produce.P1100052
But enough writing.
Here are some photographs
to entice you into this lesser-known region.P1090818 P1090831 P1090833P1090841P1090838

From the gardens we ventured forth to the farm where we were staying,

P1100012 P1100025

P1090936Abundant with vines and beautiful fynbos, birdsong and peace,
this is a gem of a completely different kind.
The homestead is run by owners Doug and Sally
who have together provided a little bit of heaven on earth.

What a wonderful break away, time out with tranquility as a constant,
a birthday cake with a difference,

wine testing to remember…P1090952

Friendships that are enduring and ever unfolding,
and time to breathe deeply
as I forge my way into the new era of who knows what
other than solid friendships with
daisies and Rosé.


Loving a touch of spring!

Sunny Sunday, You were so welcome!
Although the trees are still startlingly barren,P1090379
the birds and the bees are hectic…

The Boomslang canopy walkway was sighing happily with visitors.P1070116

The spiders are showing some thoughts about spring to come…


And the Parsley tree keeps up it’s habit of peeling in the sun, albeit still winter sun.


The sound of seed pods splitting open and sending their seed catapulting into the air stopped me in my tracks…new beginnings.

As for the Aloe’s… well they are just showing off for all to admire.P1090410

How lucky are we in Cape Town, with a treasure trove of a garden on our doorstep, with little competition elsewhere in the world.

Busy bees, scattered seed pods,


from heavily laden paper bark trees.

This is our unique world.


Lets look after it. For our children and grandchildren.

Love life, Kiwi style.

P10803106 Weeks of Paradise.

All my life, since I was a teenager and watched a reel to reel documentary
on New Zealand, I have wanted to visit this far away country.
Lucky me!


I have just spent a full 6 weeks exploring this relatively young and incredibly beautiful country in the most remarkable way,
with a loved one who has lived and worked there for 33 years and understands and connects to every aspect of this complex and most wonderful place on this, our planet.P1070609

It will not be possible to share all of the experiences of this adventure in one blog page but I would like to give an essence of the time spent in the North Island because it was extraordinary.P1070933
Visually, there is no comparison in my experience, this is a country filled with “Pinch me” reactions, around every bend in the road is another crazy response,
until one starts to sound like a stuck record, but you don’t even hear you own repetitive reactions, so overwhelming are the views.P1070725

With regard to the community, I have never known such hospitality, so much kindness and so much sharing.
So much peacefulness, mindfulness
and so much freedom.

Harmony at it’s best. And humour… unmatched…P1080406

People work hard, there is no litter, everyone recycles their used goods,
and water is the favourite beverage…
(Below coffee I must admit, they makes the best flat white’s I have ever tasted!)

I not once saw or heard a fizzy drink being ordered. But I did see the birdbath freeze over!P1080579

4 seasons in a day, rainbows stretching across the horizon,





magnificent skies…P1080436

I would love to take a year out to explore this extraordinary and unique country.


With museums, galleries, exhibitions, libraries, botanical gardens,
ferries,ferneries,islands,history and endless beautiful beaches and azure blue seas,
bays with indigenous trees rolling into the oceans.

Fat delicious wood pigeons, and tiny owls called more porks!

Volcanic mountains and islands, geysers and hot springs, all beckoning and enticingly spectacular,
I had to tear myself away.


Back home, to life on another continent.
How my vision has changed, my world just got bigger a new vision and a different understanding of mindful trust,
from a community that is exercising that right to life on this earth,
in a most conscientious and thoughtful way.P1080949
Amidst green, grey and very blue.
With a frequent rainbow thrown in for pure joy!

Thank you New Zealand, What a wonderland you have displayed for me.
Like that little coquettish Fantail, you have pulled me into your world,

Life will always be a bit different for me now.

Without you…

I am going exploring…
Off to take some time out from work,
power outages, routine, markets, medical practices,  home maintenance
responsibilities and the general run of the mill realities.


P1030704 P1030749

Cape Town will keep going,
the mountain will keep standing
business will keep booming,

Kirstenbosch will keep the boomslang,P1070427


and also the dinosaurs.

Fynbos will keep blooming,

runners will keep running, walkers walking
and tourists will keep flocking.

Books keep being written, stories told.
Birthdays celebrated. Losses mourned.P1030887

And weddings will be planned…IMG_0749

and planned some more.

Flowers grown, imported bought and sold.







Winter will progress,


The earth will keep revolving,
Everything will turn green in this verdant winter rainfall region
and life will continue.

In it’s own extraordinary and ever changing way.



The words from the musical “My fair lady” come to my mind…

‘Art and music will thrive without you
Somehow Keats will survive without you
And there still will be rain on that plain down in Spain
(or maybe Mitchell’s…)
Even that will remain without you, I can do without you

You, dear friend, who taught so well
You can go to Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire
(or down South)

They can still rule the land without you
Windsor Castle will stand without you
(Or maybe Cape Town Castle…)
And without much ado we can
All muddle through without you

Without pulling it the tide comes in
Without your twirling it, the Earth can spin
Without your pushing them, the clouds roll by
If they can do without you
ducky so can I….

Problem is,

Ducky is coming with me
I can’t go exploring without Peking,
It wouldn’t be Fair,
My Lady.



Time flies don’t we know it!


I have just had a notification from WordPress
to say that I have been writing
this blog for 3 years!IMG_1000
This is scary news indeed,
it feels like just a few months have passed
since I set myself the task of recording the passage of events
that is life in unchartered territory.

Often song lyrics come to mind;


The long and winding road
That leads to your door
Will never disappear
I’ve seen that road before
It always leads me here
Lead me to you door



May this journey continue
for as long as I can keep writing
and photographing the wonders
of this extraordinary world
that is precariously in our care.IMG_3359

And may Suchi keep reminding me that fun times
with loved ones
are the ones we remember,
and may her family keep growing…and get visa’s more easily.

But not taking ourselves too seriously at the end of any day.

(With the exception of the visa’s.)


Thank you WordPress
for 3 exciting years of ‘dear diary’.
And snow at Christmas time (WordPress style)IMG_0300

I always love that touch! (Every December, WordPress blogs have continuous snow flurries cascading as you read. It appeals to the young one in me, always!)

Fireworks, flowers and broomsticks. Phew!

It is the middle of March…
Where did I put January and February?

Ive looked for them but there is little evidence to be found,
so I suspect my alter ego swept them under the carpet with her broom
before escaping for a breather on it,
husky dog perched and ready to choose the flight path.IMG_5840

The past few months have been extraordinary.
Loads of varied work.
I have placed more flowers in vases in the past 3 months
than I have had cappuccino’s in my lifetime (almost!)IMG_2990
Weddings, Birthdays, exotic locations and even more exotic stems.

It has been wonderful and crazy happy work.P1060799IMG_2280


At the same time I have been working on my own range of
“Bottled in the Cape” which has been selling well.P1070195 P1070175
This started slowly and is growing happily.
Jewelry in tiny bottles…
Bottled submersible lights as vases,

inspired by our power outages.

Solar jars with interest and all things(inedible)
that can be bottled and packaged under my label
have been up for consideration.
(just not the Husky pup, or the broom!)

It is always fun making a mini shop for a day on market day,
especially when it is so close to my favourite garden
in the world, better still when our wonderful Sofia is there too!


Work has dominated the past 2 months but recently
the word most commonly spoken has been the F word…Fire.P1060905 P1060933

We have had 4 massive fires in the Southern Cape
that have created havoc and devastation.
The airways have been choked with both smoke and helicopters…
(no room up there for broomsticks)


We are blessed in this province to have the most dedicated team
of firemen and women, and many volunteers who have worked tirelessly
for 10 days in the most extreme conditions, to bring each separate
disaster under control.


The communities also came up trumps, with donations of
food and drinks and medical supplies for people and animals too.
There was also a substantial amount of money raised through
local media to start a fund for necessary equipment for the
ongoing problem of fires in this region at all times.

Proudly Capetonian.
On a sadder note there was loss of life and property,
I am so sorry.
The surrounding areas look devastating
but we will recover,
as hopefully will our beautiful fynbos.

Meanwhile with my broom hung up for a while,
Skyla gets to join in in other essential family events.


Fambulous 2014!

What an extraordinary year of family times
2014 has been!P1020946P1050306

I haven’t managed to complete the 100 target,
work has had to fit in around the happy chaos,
but that can be a task for a new year, this has been
the year of so much connectivity
in such a variety of different environments
and joy filled occasions.P1020599
A year of stories and infusions of love.
photo 2
And lots of weddings!

It has been 365 days of where and when we will meet again.

The year of the roller coaster,
with all our nearest and dearest along for the ride.P1050629IMG_1993IMG_2476P1060516
It has been awesome…P1020778P1060422
and it continues!P1060356

Thank you everyone,
for a year of the biggest memories
the happiest of occasions
and the best of friends and family, old and new.P1020830P1060364
Great fortune is found in loved ones.
And ducks and dogs too!


Creative spaces.

P1050081Where was I?

I made a promise to myself….

It feels like yesterday that I posted my last blog
and my intention to reach 100 by the end of this year
is looking dubious to say the least.

On the flip side, It has been an explosive year
of change, travel, weddings, new wonders
and new families enriching all of our lives.P1020928
A time of teaching drawing… and learning,10577028_10152625549765429_2186437103023546215_n
dovetailing various diverse work types
and challenging new and exciting adventures
in a very hectic medical practice,
as a general ‘pair of hands’.

Busy times both family and solo,
starting a new stock range,P1040347 P1050827
making jewellery, taking photographs,P1040586P1050866
planting miniature gardens…P1050818
doing flowers for events and blackboards for weddings.IMG_2287P1050838 IMG_2281 IMG_2351
Loads of creative energy and loads of epic family gatherings.

We welcome a wonderful new daughter/sister/friend
into our African lives full of surprises,
hopefully nothing too challenging.
Although, Sofia is brave and tenacious
but mostly very brave.P1030943

Also we have welcomed new wives, husbands and babies into extended families.P1020914

Our mother has been weaving wedlock and babies in heaven this year,
4 of her grandchildren married in 2014…
I think she just loves dancing up there!P1050329

Bonus… I can run again.
I love to run… I love the freedom of open spaces
in our beautiful city of Cape Town,
the wind in my face and the unconstrained liberty
that comes with this most freeing of pastimes.P1050537P1050562

It energises and feeds my soul.

I am happy to not meet my deadline of 100,
I am delighted to welcome new members into the family,
I am beyond grateful to have found new ways
to channel my creative energy,
and pleased to have that form of energy
back in my personal stable.

But more than anything,
words sometimes do not suffice
when it comes to gratitude. P1050710

3 years ago I pushed myself to the limit
and paid the ultimate price.
Matter over mind.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
and could not walk,draw, write, drive, concentrate
or use the dominant side of my body at all.
6 weeks of lying flat, 2 years of slow improvement.

Scary times indeed.
Lonely too.
Such a huge learning curve
with regard to the fragile makeup
of our mind and body relationship.

So, never mind that 100 blogs might not happen,
only joy as to what does result from a given day.P1050629

I am so grateful to have
my mobility again,
for my wonderful and supportive friends and family.
Our ever growing family… we are blessed all round.
I am so grateful to have
my creative energy restored once more.
So forget deadlines, forget 100 blogs,
I will never take anything for granted again.

This is one thing I promise.


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